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Mitm Americas



Begins 18/09/2018

- Ends 21/09/2018



Description MITM is a 22 years old interactive 3/4 days travel trade market directed to the incentive, meetings and events market, where travel and tourism organizations from the Americas and the Caribbean and companies meet by individual and pre-requested appointments with European and USA pre-selected hosted buyers organizing or contracting incentive trips, meetings, conferences, international congresses and events. To select appointments, exhibitors receive before MITM commencement all approved hosted buyers profiles, together with an appointments request form. Also buyers receive the exhibitor's profiles to request meetings. Following these requests, MITM schedules up to a maximum of 20 meetings, of 20 minutes each, per single or shared stand (up to 40 meetings per multiple stands). Also there's free time for additional meetings, out of those pre-scheduled. After MITM, buyers and international journalists have the opportunity to experience sights, facilities or tourism services taking one of the post-tours offered by the venue and/or the exhibitors. For this purpose MITM changes venues every year. ***************** CO-LOCATED WITH CULTOURFAIR, Feria Internacional del Turismo Cultural. *******************************