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Korea Mice Expo KME



Begins 14/06/2018

- Ends 15/06/2018



Description The Korea MICE Expo plans to feature a business space outfitted to maximize participant satisfaction. Additionally, briefing sessions about the bidding and organizing of international conferences are planned to take place, targeting both domestic and international buyers. A returning feature of this year's KME is the Seoul MICE Forum, planned to take place over a day, invited guests and specialists from international convention organizations, tourism authorities, and businesses will come together to discuss the future of the MICE industry, share information and network. The ICCA Data Workshop, which explains the meetings industry database maintained by ICCA, and the Seoul MICE Youth Challenge, which invites college students who are interested in the meetings industry to design mock bids, are features that are planned for this year’s Forum. Building off of the momentum of last year's Korea MICE Expo (KME), which enjoyed an overall increase from previous KME in the number participants with a twofold increase of foreign buyers, a 73% increase in business consultation sessions, and representatives from 26 countries in attendance, next KME anticipates the largest turnout to date. Actually KME aims at becoming a major international meetings exhibition with Seoul as its representative host city. The yearly KOREA MICE EXPO was established in 2000 for the development of the Korean industry. Over 300 sellers and 400 buyers are expected to participate in the 2015 occasion. Participants will once again share the latest information on the MICE industry.