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EyeforTravel Europe


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Begins 04/06/2018

- Ends 06/06/2018



Description Mobile web traffic to travel sites grows by 300% - revenue driven by on trip non core product sales soars, location technology morphs with social media - distribution channels change again - much has happened to your business and your customer's behaviour in the last 12 months. Our first summit predicted and led these changes. Track us as we prepare for the next Eyefortravel European Summit, the biggest meeting place for online travel and distribution experts in the world. Participating to this conference continues to offer you the ultimate learning experience and unrivalled networking opportunities better than anywhere in Europe: over 60 expert speakers with a vast experience of the industry and views on the shape of things to come. With a combination of an unrivalled speaker line-up, high quality travel industry case studies and ample time for networking, EyeforTravel's Travel Distribution Summit Europe is the No.1 meeting place for senior online travel professionals. With Google making US$75 billion (in 2015) and travel suppliers reporting upto 34% in commissions, is the era of cheap effective online communication and sales with the traveller dead? EyeforTravel research shows that these conditions have kick started a firestorm of disruption and innovation! This event will put the roadmap in your hands for where to invest in data and digital but itís also about investing time and emotion in business relationships that sell your product, enhance your brand and keep your customer loyal. EyeforTravel Europe has been doing this for 20 years - Itís the perfect platform for you to gain first-rate insight and close business relationships to help you not just survive, but thrive in a changing travel landscape. Attend this 2 day summit to achieve 2 critical goals