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M&I MICE Body and Soul Europe



Begins 08/05/2019

- Ends 11/05/2019



Description MICE Body & Soul is the first of its kind - a business event for MICE professionals who are interested in wellbeing and holistic health. This is a business networking event in which carefully selected MICE industry professionals are invited to meet sought-after suppliers while treating mind, body and soul. During the event, you will connect through face-to-face meetings and relationship-building activities which will energise, restore and enlighten. This a new way of networking - and we want you to be part of it. You will meet MICE suppliers from around the world who care about the things you do, while attending classes, seminars, meditation sessions and much more. From yoga to meditation, healthy eating to digital detox - and everything in between - MICE Body & Soul will improve your life - in business and beyond.