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Acte Global Summit


Business Travel

Begins 21/11/2019

- Ends 22/11/2019



Description Invest in your professional development and grow your global network of peers when you attend an ACTE education event. ACTE is dedicated to providing the business travel industry with professional growth through the constant identification of emerging issues, continuing education, training, and ongoing peer-to-peer networking. As the global business travel community faces a rapidly changing economic, political and technological landscape, the need for education and peer to peer discussion is greater than ever. This educational conference is an opportunity for you to gather with the greatest minds in business travel, procurement, purchasing, meetings, finance, academia, business, and government to learn real strategies that will allow you to effectively manage your program and your travelers. Join over 900 industry leaders in an exploration of the latest approaches and innovations in managed travel at the ACTE Global Education Conference, as you will find numerous opportunities throughout the event to learn, network, and be inspired. The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) has a 25-year reputation for leading the way corporate travel is conducted. As a global association, comprised of executive-level members in more than 100 countries, ACTE pioneers educational and technological advances that make business travel productive, cost-effective and straightforward. ACTE advocacy and initiatives continue to support impactful changes in, safety and security, privacy, duty of care and compliance along with traveler productivity that supports global commerce.