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Fresh Conference



Begins 27/02/2018

- Ends 28/02/2018

Multi City


Description The FRESH conference is where meeting planners, designers and organisers meet to experience the future in meeting design. Something extraordinary is happening in the world of meetings and about 95% of #eventprofs haven't experienced it yet. 98% of meeting professionals haven't ever organized one and 100% of medical meeting planners are looking at possibly organizing one, according to our survey to among international meeting professionals. The meeting industry is undergoing a huge shift with technology, regulation, safety, environment and changing political climate. A new meeting format - Multi City Meeting emerges to provide the answers to many of these challenges by saving on travel, environment and out-of-the-office time; enabling a new kind of meeting. More than ever before technology is bridging distance, language and culture differences. The lowering cost and simplified organization bring Multi City meetings within everyone's reach. We are all becoming hyperlinked humans.