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XDP Xperience Design Project



Begins 11/04/2019

- Ends 12/04/2019



Description Events are fleeting. Experiences, on the other hand, create emotional connections that last long after the event is over. Experiences leave your guests feeling inspired and mobilized to create real change. The truth is, you donít just plan events. You design experiences. Spanning two days and immersing you in a collaborative environment, Xperience Design Project (XDP) dares you and your team to reinvent your conferences, tradeshows, and association meetings into experiences that get results. Letís do this! Why XDP is Different XDP is an experience built specifically for teams that design and execute association events. Itís a creative and interactive playground where you feel free to be honest, ask questions, and share bold ideas. At XDP, you surround yourself with other smart, ambitious association professionals and industry partners who can help you discover powerful new ways to exceed your goals. If traditional association events are coffee, then XDP is a triple espresso shot to the face.