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Cvent Connect



Begins 24/07/2023 - Ends 27/07/2023

Las Vegas


Description Conduct a Year's Worth of Business in a Single Day! The Exchange gives Hospitality and Event Professionals an opportunity to meet face-to-face for enhanced industry interaction. In addition to traditional tradeshow-style networking, event professionals will have the opportunity to set-up Exchange Appointments, prescheduled meetings with Cvent CONNECT's extensive network of hospitality, tourism and event vendors. This year we’re making The Exchange better, adding longer exhibition hours and offering premier booths for hotels and destinations that wish to elevate their profile even further. The Exchange, Cvent’s Annual Tradeshow, will take place on the overlap day for the Hospitality and Event Professionals Conference tracks also known as CONNECT Day! In addition to traditional exhibition-style networking, exhibitors will have the opportunity to set-up prescheduled meetings with Cvent CONNECT’s highly qualified meeting and event professionals. Since 2013 Cvent has been celebrating customers who've transformed their meetings and events in new and innovative ways, delivering unforgettable event experiences for their attendees. These individuals deserve to be recognized for setting the trends, forging exciting new paths in their profession, and establishing themselves as thought-leaders within the events space. The Plannie Awards Ceremony, held at Cvent CONNECT, is the showcase that allows these planners to shine brightly among their peers.