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Payvolution - Salone dei pagamenti



Begins 23/11/2022 - Ends 25/11/2022



Description Il Salone dei Pagamenti Payvolution, the Conference & Expo event organised by ABIServizi and dedicated to payment evolution, is due to be held at the MiCO congress centre in Milan. The event will enable banks and non-banking companies, institutions and citizens to share their views on the emerging trends characterising payment systems, new technologies and security. The aim of the event is to promote a culture of innovation in the payment chain and familiarise citizens with financial education issues, while creating networking and business opportunities for banks and companies, but also update sessions for companies, universities and schools. The programme consists of a varied schedule of conferences and workshops attended by operators of the banking sector and fintechs, the leading experts on digital transformation and the main players on the international stage.