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Heavent Meetings sud



Begins 26/03/2024 - Ends 28/03/2024



Description Individual meetings permit the Top decision maker and one exhibitor Face to face discussions. The participant of the Top Decision Maker Program attends one lunch and 10 business meetings per day with the Heavent Meetings exhibitors chosen in advance through the tailor-made internet platform designed by Tarsus France. Every meeting lasts 15minutes and there is a 15 minutes break between each meeting to allow the Top decision maker to go from one meeting to the next or to meet, if he wishes, other exhibitors he does not have an appointment with. Business lunches are organized by Tarsus France within the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in private lounges. They are a valuable asset: they represent a rare opportunity to have an extended conversation with Top decision makers in a friendly atmosphere. A maître d’hôtel is at the disposal of both the partners and the Top decision makers from the beginning to the end of each business lunch in order to use the time for interesting discussions. Each table hosts 6 to 8 top buyers and one exhibiting company. An innovative tailor-made matching software has been designed by Tarsus France to satisfy Top decision makers and exhibitors meetings and lunches requests. One month before the event, Top decision makers and exhibitors have access to this platform in order to express via their intranet their meeting requirements. Business meetings and lunches program setting up takes place in 3 distinct steps.