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Vinexpo Paris


Hotels - Food

Begins 14/02/2022 - Ends 16/02/2022



Description The French capital city is the Vinexpo group’s latest destination for the wine and spirits industry. An international symbol for lifestyle and elegance, Paris will host the industry players at the beginning of the year at the Paris Convention Centre (Porte de Versailles). This exhibition will be the very first event in the agenda, and will therefore optimise sales potential. It will allow professionals to plan ahead and schedule purchasing. Vinexpo Paris targets buyers from across the world and especially Europe which consumes over 60% of the world’s wine. This event will also highlight the world of spirits with a dedicated mixology area. While launching this show in Paris, Vinexpo creates new solutions for its clients and opportunities for growth. Situated at the centre of Europe and at the crossroads of the Americas and Asia, Paris is the ideal location to host the year’s first major wine and spirits event. The international capital of wines and gastronomy and the world’s leading tourist destination, the city’s hotel and transport services make it easily accessible for visitors from around the world.