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Homi Fashion & Jewels


Gift & Jewels

Begins 11/03/2022 - Ends 14/03/2022



Description Innovation, design, artisanal savoir-faire and an international dimension. This is the winning formula of HOMI Fashion&Jewels, the event that covers fashion accessories, trendy jewellery, beachwear, components and colourful semi-precious stones. The event has a new format, devised in line with the very latest ideas on layout. The fair will no longer be divided into merchandise categories but into visitor sequences structured around visitor needs and their end targets. There will be two main macro areas, covering different purchasing typologies: one for the more creative design ideas, the other for trendy new products. HOMI Fashion&Jewels is an ever-evolving hub which twice a year (in February and September) brings together all those who work in the sector and reveals the state of play on everything right down to the last detail on products, from the most glamorous, intricate and exquisite ones, to the most sophisticated and original. The unique, high-quality ideas from all around the world on show will include highly traditional ideas to other more innovative ones. Particular attention is focused on the level of craftsmanship displayed by large and small innovative concerns in terms of materials, processes and creativity, and a busy programme of supporting events is also planned, including talks, workshops, fashion shows and other opportunities for everyone there to get together and share ideas.