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Hong Kong Deluxe PrintPack



Begins 27/04/2022 - Ends 30/04/2022

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Description Printing is an industry in which technology is constantly being updated. The ability to keep up with new production techniques is crucial. Hong Kong printers are equipped with advanced models of laser-setters, electronic colour scanners, electronic page-composing systems, digital printers, automatic finishing systems and one to five-colour printing machines. They have also introduced computer-to-plate (CTP) systems, equipment for security printing, and latest machines designed to enhance digital printing capabilities. The packaging materials industry can be divided into consumer packaging and industrial packaging. The former refers to the packaging of goods sold to consumers, primarily involving shopping bags, packaging bags, padded mailers, boxes and gift wraps, etc. Food and beverage packages, such as PET bottles, laminated paper packages and flexible packaging, also fall within this category. Industrial packaging is mainly used for protection and transportation purposes. They include vacuum packs, heat seal, shrink packaging films, cartons, paperboard boxes, PS foam, air-bubble blister stuffing and foam sheets. Hong Kong is one of the major printing centres of the world. Thanks to its free flow of information and freedom of the press, a large number of local and international newspapers, journals, periodicals and religious books and textbooks are printed in Hong Kong.