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ISE - Integrated Systems Europe


audiovisual technology

Begins 31/01/2023 - Ends 03/02/2022



Description Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s leading show for commercial and residential audiovisual systems integration. ISE is more than an exhibition, it’s an essential destination for the AV channel and the end-users that it serves. We’re committed to delivering a tradeshow environment in our new home, the Fira de Barcelona, that’s as safe as we can possibly make it. We define the AV channel as comprising the product supply chain – the companies involved in the buying and selling of AV products, as opposed to integrated solutions. Most people who work for these companies would say that they work within the AV industry. The pro AV solutions market comprises numerous vertical sectors – such as enterprise, education, live events, hospitality, retail and smart homes. If you work within one of these verticals, we probably regard you as a user of AV solutions – an end-user , in our terminology.