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MeetUp Argentina



Begins 10/05/2022 - Ends 12/05/2022

Buenos Aires


Description Exposición Internacional de organización de eventos y turismo de reuniones / International Exhibition of event organizers and tourism meetings in South America. We welcome meeting and event professionals from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and all levels of seniority. Whether you’re a meeting planner, head of an event agency, an association executive, a business owner, an incentive travel buyer or an in-house event expert, Meet Up Argentina has something for you. Find the destinations and products that match your needs. Every year more and more meeting and event planners and marketing professionals come here, so come and learn how to make your meetings livelier, your events more engaging and your product launches more memorable. If you’re a meeting and event professional, you’ll find all the suppliers you need for your events – from major hotel groups and venues to the latest event tech providers.