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Packaging Innovations & Empack



Begins 25/05/2022 - Ends 26/05/2022



Description Packaging is one of the most diverse industries there is. Stretching across design, manufacturing, processing, development and technology of all consumer and manufacturer markets, itís essential that you stay connected with the latest opportunities and developments across the whole packaging journey. Staying in touch with the latest developments could significantly cut costs, reduce wastage and even improve supply chain efficiency for your company. Taking place on 25 & 26 May, Packaging Innovations & Empack is proud to connect visitors and exhibitors with expertise, real-time case studies and innovations via a well-established industry network and speaker programme. You can expect to leave inspired by the broad perspectives, providing lightbulb moments to tackle your toughest challenges, optimising your next packaging project to meet future demands. The 2022 edition brings the packaging community invaluable insights from retailers, brands and manufacturers such as Ocado, Pret a Manger, Nestle, HP, GXO, and many more. Head to the whatís on section of our website to discover more about them!