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BTO Be Travel Onlife


leisure travel

Begins 29/11/2022 - Ends 30/11/2022



Description BTO acronym for Be Travel Onlife was born in 2008 to offer tour operators a key to understanding how the web and the digital have radically changed the ways in which people approach the theme of travel. Over the years, BTO has opened up to new themes and new audiences and has gained national relevance, becoming a reference point for recognized scientific rigor and an unconventional mood. Currently Be Travel Onlife can no longer be conceived of as a channel in itself but as an integral part of our way of being, communicating and interacting with the world of travel. The event is structured in four thematic routes in which novelties will be discussed: HOSPITALITY - DESTINATION - FOOD & WINE - DIGITAL STRATEGY & INNOVATION The goal of BTO is to reach the amount of detail that is useful for all operators of the complex chain, from the hotel manager to the destination manager, to the restaurant owner. One hundred events to develop this new present together and talk about the future of digital tourism.