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Hong Kong Stationery


Gifts - stationary

Begins 09/01/2023 - Ends 12/01/2023

Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR

Description The world of stationery has grown much more dynamic and rewarding in recent years. The parameters of conventional stationery products have been enlarged by new technology while demand for traditional items, both personal and commercial, remains strong. Exciting new design concepts and the advent of licensed stationery products have taken the industry into the realms of giftware. Buyers from non-traditional sectors are now looking at stationery with new eyes. 16,464 buyers came from 118 countries & regions to see what suppliers had to offer during last Hong Kong International Stationery Fair. They were able to source both classic stationery and innovative products as showcased by more than 200 exhibitors from 15 countries & regions. In this vibrant, high-energy atmosphere, buyers will be impressed with the wide range of products from pens and pencils; gift paper and bags; paper clips and erasers; artists' acrylic paint and pastels; and more. By attending this show, you will get a first hand look into the stationery trends forecasted for the year. ++++ co-located exhibitions ++++ HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show ++ HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair ++ HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair ++