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Gifts - stationary

Begins 26/01/2024 - Ends 30/01/2024



Description As the leading and most international consumer goods trade fair, Ambiente tracks every change on the market. The Dining, Living, Giving and Working areas meet the needs of retailers as well as commercial end users. Ambiente offers a unique breadth of supplies, equipment, concepts and solutions. The fair showcases a great diversity of products for different living spaces and style directions. It opens up many possibilities by defining and homing in on tomorrow’s major themes: Sustainability, Lifestyle and Design, New Work, Future Retail and Digital Expansion of Trade. Ambiente generates great energy which in turn promotes a steady flow of interaction, synergy and potential collaboration. Our exhibitors range from global players to niche artisans. The trade public here encompasses buyers and decisionmakers from all types of outlets throughout the distribution chain, as well as commercial buyers from industry, service providers and specialist visitors like architects, interior designers and project planners.