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Hotels - Contract - Food

Begins 31/08/2021 - Ends 03/09/2021



Description This fair focuses on the area of European foods, the most important food market in the world when it comes to total sales (around 700 billlion Euros annually), with exports (over 125 billion Euros) and a thriving, time-honored gastronomical tradition; a remarkable legacy that is fully capitalized upon by a promotional strategy that includes international road shows in every continent, a very ambitious communication campaign and multilateral, versatile programs of direct and web mailings, aimed at the many and varied targets in the world of food. At the fair, general attention is focused on the Italian food model, a paradigm that identifies a style that has become a frame of reference for elite groups of consumers throughout the entire world; it also refers to an absolutely unique industrial food system in terms of the number of companies involved (7,000), dimensional stratification (large groups, as well as lots of medium and small companies), level of specialization (frequently influenced by the production of specific traditional local products), the extraordinary extension of the product range and the high degree of diffusion throughout every region and province (not to mention every single town) of the peninsula. An industrial system that processes 70% of the domestic agricultural production, relying upon so-called mild technologies that respect the integrity of the raw materials and the traditional production processes, a system that is subjected to frequent and rigorous controls by the authorities (720,000 inspections per year, with an average of 5 monthly inspections per plant). A system that on a daily basis has to meet the approval of one of the most demanding panels of judges in the world, the vast body of savvy Italian consumers. Currently (based on figures from 2003) the volume of business generated by the Italian food industry is estimated to be well over 110 billion Euros, with exports accounting for around 17% of the overall output, amounting to some 19 billion Euros.