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Cersaie Ceramics- Bathroom


Hotels - Contract - Food

Begins 27/09/2021 - Ends 01/10/2021



Description Ceramics: strong, functional, welcoming, versatile. From time immemorial ceramics complies with tastes and needs of an ever-evolving society. Cersaie is once again the most longed-for event in its field. A prestigious opportunity to show off products with aestethic and technology innovations, to meet architects and designers - all the time conceivers of original ways of use - to deal with the world of retailers, undeniable spokesmen of the market needs and trends. An opportunity to exhibit the results of tecnology experimentation and research paying a great attention to aesthetic and quality, to attend lots of activities in order to value new ways of combining architecture with ceramics, to find confirmations of its use in big building yards and in everyday’s life, besides suggesting new trends in design and lifestyle. As an event both of products and content, where exhibition and information are strictly related, Cersaie is a good opportunity to take personal professional know-how to a deeper level, a five-day event for business and quality. Halls 21, 28, 29 and 30 will host the wellness salon where leading companies in the bathroom furnishings, taps, sanitary fixtures, baths, shower enclosures and designer radiators sectors will show the latest products in an exclusive location. Cersaie is promoted by Confindustria Ceramica together with BolognaFiere spa.