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Tokyo Gift Show Life & Design Spring


Gifts - stationary

Begins 08/02/2022 - Ends 10/02/2022



Description The Gift Show is second to none in Japan of course, but also in comparison with similar shows in the West, in terms of its splendor as a launch-pad for new products, its diversity and its richness. The show scale is; Exhibition Area: 123,000 ?, Exhibitors: more than 5,000 and Visitors: more than 400,000. Furthermore, the show quality is higher level than you expected. No exclusions to exhibit or visit! TIGS was established in 1976 and is held semi-annually, each spring and autumn, at Japan's state-of-the-art Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight). Exhibitors can attract the buyers they want to come to the Show almost without exception. Plus they can secure many influential future customers from among the floods of visitors. This edition is focusing on Life & Design