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Bolsa Turismo Lisboa


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Begins 28/02/2024 - Ends 03/03/2024



Description There are some places which are absolutely unforgettable. Destinations which are so captivating that we never grow tired from visiting them again and again. You know what we're talking about. You, and the hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors who are in attendance every year at the largest tourism trade show held in Portugal: BTL. Those who get to know BTL for the first time know, right from the outset, that they will be back the following year. And with good reason: incredibly attractive and diversified tourist offers, corresponding events providing entertainment at the Trade Fair from beginning to end, special and enriching appearances by countries from the four corners of the earth, with an enthusiastic and faithful audience that regards BTL as a great partner to decide their trips. This is the favored venue for successfully completing business deals. A venue where the tourism sector's main people come together. And in ever greater numbers. Do you really think you can remain away from an event of this magnitude. BTL is a Trade Fair that cannot be forgotten. So start packing now.