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Tokyo Premium Incentive Show Spring - IPI


Gifts - Premiums

Begins 13/04/2022 - Ends 15/04/2022



Description >>>>>>>> Postponed from April 7th to September 9th >>>>>> The IPI is held semi-annually each Spring and Autumn at Tokyo Big Sight or Sunchine City Convention Center TOKYO. The show hosts 300 exhibiting companies, mainly manufactures and trading firms, and attracts approximately 65,000 buyers, such as corporate user, sales promotions agency, advertising agency, department store (institutional customer section) and wholesale/retail, making the IPI the nationís largest trade fair specialized in the sales promotional products and marketing. As the show opens exclusively for trade buyers, the general public is not admitted. With admission being restricted to specialist buyers, business negotiation becomes more efficient and fruitful. Let alone premium and novelty products, the targeted exhibits are varied such as over-the-counter decorative signage/display related, gift certificates, intangible merchandise, printing services, digital premium, etc. Whatís more, as Event Promotion Expo is held simultaneously with the IPI, it is not too much to say that everything related to sales motion is here for the exhibits.