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Begins 21/09/2022 - Ends 23/09/2022



Description An international event. The most complete show of typical Mediterranean floriculture with its many varieties and colors, and with new opportunities created by changes in the climate. Flormart will also be host to machinery, technology and products for the entire product line, as well as florist articles, and equipment for public and private parks and gardens in the MAVER exhibit area. 1,200 exhibitors and 27,000 visitors coming from all over Europe as well as from Canada, Israel, Australia, Venezuela, and Tunisia know that their appointment, even this year, is in Padua, at September Flormart. In Italy nursery gardening, that with its 23% of the European production represents one of the most professional expressions of Italian agriculture, finds its commercial identity in Flormart, the International Nursery Gardening and Gardening Exhibition, a key show for Mediterranean Europe. Flormart is the market tool that combines the exhibitors’ commercial needs with the innovative proposals expected by the market. In the same location for three days, Italian and foreign exhibitors, along with operators from all over Europe, develop and promote their business through this encounter of a wide variety of products on the supply-side while the demand-side expresses its expectations for novelties and trends.
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