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Salone Nautico Internazionale - boats



Begins 22/09/2022 - Ends 27/09/2022



Description With almost 1,600 exhibitors, 2,000 boats - from the smallest crafts to 60-metre super-yachts - and its unrivalled product variety, Genoa International Boat Show is a reference event for the boating sector and for yachtspeople worldwide. The Show extends over a surface, both ashore and in the sea, exceeding 280 thousand square metres in a highly scenic setting, and is the perfect combination of business and innovation. Next International Boat Show is waiting for you in Genoa with all its new features - every year 20% of the boats is displayed on preview - the events held at the Sea Theatre, conferences, champions and stars, sports to practice and to admire at the Water Stadium, and, this year, with a taste of what the enlarged Marina will look like at the end of the two-year works.