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B-Travel Tourism Cataluna


leisure travel

Begins 15/03/2024 - Ends 17/03/2024



Description B-Travel is an outstanding promotional tool and the best possible business platform between the tourist sector and all other sectors involved, while at the same time providing a highly attractive showcase from which the Catalan general public can organise their holidays and weekend breaks. B-Travel invited you again to travel, learn, dream and discover surprising sights, music, colours, dances, fragrances and flavours from around the world. There are hundreds of corners of the world where you can lose yourself, chill out and experience new sensations. B-Travel puts a name to these fantastic places that will leave an indelible imprint on your memory, with amazing offers to meet every budget. Following the success of the seminars for travel professionals at the previous event, the new sessions will tackle the most topical issues facing the tourism sector with the participation of leading travel professionals. B-Travel in Catalonia Show, sector leader in Spain among events aimed at end clients, has become one of the most important of the year for lovers of travel. Last year it was visited by 101,230 people and 17 autonomous communities, 1,068 exhibitors and 50 countries took part Moreover, 66% of the public that attended the show chose their holiday destination during the event.