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Psi Duesseldorf


Gifts - Promotion

Begins 09/01/2024 - Ends 11/01/2024



Description Duesseldorf. The promotional products industry continues on its upward course becoming the third force in the advertising market and starts with optimism the New Year. A little optimism is the prevailing mood in the market, as the results of the survey on the economic situation conducted for PSI show: while 30 percent of the promotional products dealers interviewed expect business to continue at least stable, 60 percent expect a clear upswing. Especially in times of economic difficulty, when companies have to rely more than ever on their clients, trade fairs can provide a welcome boost to business. And the majority of important business deals are concluded face-to-face. The significance of direct contact between visitors and exhibitors should not be underestimated, despite all the new media now available in the digital age. Trade fairs give you the opportunity to advertise your company, present your products and new developments, hold meetings with clients, answer questions, finalise new orders, drum up new clients and, of course, maintain and intensify existing customer contacts. Last PSI sent out the call, and even more international visitors from around the world came. Some 58 per cent of visitors travelled from outside Germany, one in seven of them from overseas. Almost 80 countries showed their colours in Dusseldorf, turning the trade show into the centre of the promotional products world for three days. Is a new record. With that, PSI set the tone for a dynamic start into the new business year.