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Bite - Beijing Int'l Tourism Expo


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Begins 17/06/2022 - Ends 19/06/2022



Description Beijing Tourism Administration (BTA) is a functional department of the Beijing Municipal Government. Its major responsibilities lie in planning and promoting the growth of the tourist industry in Beijing, formulating and executing tourism policies, and fostering and supervising the development of the tourism market. In recent years, BTA seizes the opportunity of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to promote Beijing's travel and tourism industry by developing a series of well-received theme events, such as the Beijing International Tourism Expo, Beijing International Cultural Tourism Festival and the Exoticism of Beijing Fascinates the World. Such annually held events have effectively enhanced the popularity and attraction of Beijing. Meanwhile, BTA is vigorously intensifying its regulatory function of the tourism industry, and effectively improving the service quality of the industry in an effort to creating a favorable environment for visitors from all over the world. +++ Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd (CEMS) Established since 1980, CEMS is a regional organiser with a global perspective. A key player in the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) industry in Singapore, CEMS has vast knowledge and experience in organising and managing exhibitions, conferences and other special events for government agencies, associations and private enterprises. Our business activities span many countries in ASEAN, including Singapore and Thailand, China in North Asia, and India and Pakistan in the South Asia. Amongst others, our portfolio of exhibitions includes Games Convention Asia, Enviro Asia, Safety & Security Asia and the Singapore International Jewellery Show in Singapore; GlassTech Asia in Thailand and Beijing International Tourism Expo in China. Beijing Relation Exhibition Co Ltd (BRE) is a professional exhibition organising company. Their professionalism and business philosophy of being innovative, meticulous and responsible has allowed BRE to develop rapidly in China's exhibition industry.