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Gift & Promotion

Begins 30/01/2024 - Ends 02/02/2024



Description Advertising market is developing rapidly and advertising and promotional agencies search for new possibilities of expanding and differentiating their offer. RemaDays is a chance for getting relevant news about offers from advertising and promotional branch. Separating branches are not competing with one another for attention from advertising agencies but rather thanks to the synergy effect variety of offers presented on the show attract each year the highest number of visitors in Poland. More than 80 per cent of visitors expect their visit on the show give them opportunities of being familiarized with offers from different sectors. Representatives from advertising agencies along with end customers from marketing department look for variety of solutions which are distanced from each other such as large format printing, promotional products or inflatable products. Gifts World features the biggest range of manufacturers, importers and distributors of promotional merchandise pens, mugs, keychains, sets, leather goods, games, sports gadgets, office gadgets, kitchen gadgets, premium gadgets, etc. and P.O.S. & Display is a perfect segment for P.O.S., P.O.P. & Display suppliers who offer shelving systems, totems, walls, showcases, stands, reception desks, promotion counters, roll-ups, etc. You'll also find a Textile area, a special zone for packaging, and a big dedicated area for digital printing an silkscreening.