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Eicma Motorcycle



Begins 25/11/2021 - Ends 28/11/2021



Description More than 1,300 brands show their products in the most important Moto show in the world. Walking around the six packed halls of the EICMA motorbike show, it is possible to hear different language from all over the world, a sign that confirms the global appeal for the Milan show. Most visitors are from Italy but there are also motorbike fans and business clients from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and across Eastern Europe. Many exhibitors are from Mainly China, Japan, Taiwan, the USA and India, but as the motorbike and accessories market evolves, there are also companies from smaller countries, looking to expand their business. 1341 brands from 31 different countries are on show this year, with 54% of them from outside of Italy, making the EICMA show a melting pot for the world of two wheel business. Renowned as the oldest and largest annual such trade show in the world, the event is wholly owned by ANCMA – the Italian Association of Bicycle and Motorcycle Industry Manufacturers – and supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. Milan is an advantageous location, as the vast majority of the European manufacturing base is within a 2-3 hour drive; this ease of access and centrality are a huge determining factor in the overall success of the show. Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, which will be exhibiting at the next show, made EICMA its European trade fair of reference. Last edition of the show featured exhibitors from 31 countries and attracted 450,000 visitors, 50,041 of whom were trade visitors from 127 different countries. If you register online, you will receive an email with a barcode that will allow you to enter the Show.