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Ispo Munich


sportswear & fitness

Begins 28/11/2023 - Ends 30/11/2023



Description Thanks to its many events and services ISPO is considered the leading international sports business network. Every year, about 2,000 international exhibitors present their latest products from the segments of Actions Sports, Traditional Sports and Performance Sports at ISPO MUNICH to over 60,000 visitors from more than 100 countries. For over 40 years the global leader has provided a comprehensive overview of the entire range of sporting goods, athletic footwear and fashions, as well as the latest trends from these segments. Year for year the custom-tailored trade show concept with special communities and authentic side events guarantees a very unique, personalized and communication-rich atmosphere. As the only multi-segment trade show the event also offers its participants an opportunity to discover discipline-overlapping synergy and cross-selling potential, as well as recognize new segments and trends in advance. Thanks to close cooperation with the industry ISPO can identify market requirements and offers international sports business professionals the best possible presentation and networking platform at ISPO MUNICH. In order to sustain its internationally leading position throughout the future the organizers continuously work on further improving ISPO MUNICH. Among the tasks is the endorsement of the new generation, as well as drawing the media's and the public's attention to industry-related topics. To reach this goal, ISPO will focus even more strongly on networking and partnerships.