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Emec - Mpi European Conference



Begins 03/03/2024 - Ends 05/03/2024



Description The European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) is the most innovative conference for meeting professionals in Europe in concept, content as well as meeting room design. EMEC breaks new ground in Krakov, Poland, with a lineup that's been dramatically re-designed and innovation that's been boldly re-imagined to yield immediate returns for conference-goers. Next conference builds off the success of last year's EMEC event in terms of professional development content. Attendees will experience and experiment with new meeting set-ups, formats and educational opportunities as never before. Conference navigation will also be enhanced with tracking structured around the content areas of: Educate, Exchange and Experience. The European Meetings & Events Conference is THE conference for meeting and event professionals. EMEC provides participants with a successful combination of innovative business-focused education, inspirational ideas and exceptional networking opportunities. Creating meaningful human connections in this technologically chaotic world takes skill and imagination. Next Emec will help you master the art of connectivity so you can create stronger links between people, ideas and success in the meetings and events industry. Immerse yourself in cutting edge professional development featuring the latest industry intelligence and dynamic communal learning experiences.