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Travel (Utazas)


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Begins 03/03/2022 - Ends 06/03/2022



Description International Tourism Exhibition - including Budapest boat show and Caravan Salon. Trying to renew ourselves again and again, year after year, is a challenge. But we love challenges and we love the Travel Exhibition! After an exhibition with 29 countries, 440 exhibitors on 12,000 square metres, a successful Himalaya Expo and 55,000 visitors we are gearing up for yet another big thing . The chairman of the Hungarian Parliament's Sports and Tourism Committee Mr. Erik Bánki has already assured of his support and he assumed the role of the chief patron of the Travel Exhibition. Professional Business Lounge is the name of our other novelty, which has been created for our exhibitors concentrating exclusively on trade visitors. The negotiating area that will be open in the first day of the exhibition will serve as a meeting point for representatives of the trade, where they can conclude deals in a comfortable and sophisticated, up-to-date setting.