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Premium Sourcing Paris


Gift & Promotion

Begins 07/09/2022 - Ends 08/09/2022



Description The Premium Sourcing trade show is exclusively reserved for retailers/distributors of promotional articles, promo-garments, advertising items and corporate gifts. Your supplier will show you the new collections before the end of the year, a crucial period for professionals in the promotional gift and promotional garment domains: it represents about 40% of business turnover in this sector. Premium Sourcing is the event that will allow attending visitors not only to prepare for the last few months of the year, but also to plan for the new year ahead by discovering new promotional gifs and garment collections. The aim of Premium Sourcing is to enhance your business activity during the crucial year end period and prepare yourself for next year sales. During last edition 1,750 distributors of promotional articles met 120 suppliers, manufacturers and importers of swags, promo-apparel and advertising articles. Premium Sourcing is the trade show for the end-of-the-year at the Carrousel du Louvre (Paris).