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GBTA + VDR Europe


Business Travel

Begins 14/11/2023 - Ends 16/11/2023



Description Mark your calendars for the GBTA Conference! Don’t miss these unparalleled education, networking, and business opportunities. Gain insight from world-renowned speakers and preview the latest products and services from travel industry leaders. This year GBTA is joining forces with VDR – Germany’s leading business travel association making this event Europe’s largest buyer led business travel conference. GBTA Europe is the first buyer-led European wide business travel and meetings network, created through the co-operation of GBTA and the main European partner associations. The network is powered by ITM. The network ensures for the first time that business travel and meeting professionals with a European remit have access to the best education and training, research, benchmarking tools and events through the collective voice of a professional, buyer-led community representing nearly two thousand buyer and supplier subscribers. Plan to join us for Europe’s premier business travel networking and education event. More details and registration will be available soon.