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Forum della Comunicazione


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Begins 08/06/2022 - Ends 09/06/2022



Description The Communication Forum, the main Italian event dedicated to corporate and institutional communication, is ready for an important upgrade. In this edition, it aims at internationalization and, indeed, will involve the most prominent national and international key players and opinion leaders from the communication, marketing and PR sectors. With the objective of an increasingly widespread World Communication Forum on the international scenario, Comunicazione Italiana is looking for: ++++++ Professionals with strong background in marketing, communication and PR, with an international-oriented profile and vision as well as with a network of contacts and relations in specific markets. ++++++ Businessmen abroad-based from media, marketing and communication sectors for the development of strategic partnerships with Comunicazione Italiana as Ambassadors of the World Communication Forum . +++++ Italian companies that wish to start business relations with foreign markets as well as foreign companies that wish to successfully enter the Italian market. +++++ Prominent corporate and institutional opinion leaders in marketing, communication and innovation sectors who can participate as Speakers in the Communication Forum. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Il Forum della Comunicazione è il principale evento italiano della comunicazione d’impresa e istituzionale con focus specifico sui temi dell’innovazione e del digital engagement. Coinvolge ogni anno oltre 2.000 partecipanti tra manager, imprenditori, innovatori, rappresentanti istituzionali ed i principali player e opinion leader della comunicazione e dell’innovazione digitale. Il Forum è un concentrato di contenuti e relazioni in cui i partecipanti si conoscono, interagiscono, condividono know how, presentano case history, fanno business e vengono ispirati a nuove iniziative, uscendo dal circolo autoreferenziale e dialogando con gli opinion leader dell’economia e dell’informazione.