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Itm Annual Conference


Business Travel

Begins 24/04/2024 - Ends 25/04/2024



Description Are you ready to innovate, educate, motivate and connect? Our conference this year scrutinises the complexities of the disruptive influencers that are heading our way and offers an innovative and collaborative journey of discovery designed to stimulate your confidence in the future. The conference programme will address the core topics of continued cost optimisation and duty of a care in a hyper connected world where travel programmes will be personalised and content distribution fragmented. We will explore the use of data as intelligence and B2C marketing to win the battle of compliance. Join us on an adventure into the unknown as our Global Travel experts take us around the world in a day with their expert briefings about trading in countries such as China, India and Russia. Bringing a rich community of buyers and suppliers together, collaboration and motivation is high on our agenda; our conference will offer you new ways to share and engage ensuring the start of your Journey to 2020 is relevant and insightful. ++++++++++++++++++++ In Partnership with GBTA +++++++++++++++++