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Begins 02/04/2024 - Ends 06/04/2024



Description Legendary palaces, mountain hideaways, stunning lake-side villas, indulging Spa resorts. welcome to Sensoh, the one and only luxury travel showcase focused on Europe’s lakes, mountains & Spas. From the awesome Alps to the fascinating Central European Spas, from the freshwater Italian lakes up to Scotland's unspoiled landscapes, an ideal Gran tour throughout Europe's best Houses. Marvellous and different places that share respect for nature, a venerable hospitality tradition, the passion for beautiful, good and well done things. A philosophy which first of all is a lifestyle. Sensoh Europe is a tribute to this amazing kaleidoscopic heritage of excellence which attracts, today as in the past, discerning travellers seeking for emotional yet authentic experiences, to rediscover the sense of time and themselves. After a most successful 2014 edition, Sensoh gives you appointment again in Milan, Italy, from March 30 to April 1, 2015 at Excelsior Hotel Gallia.