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ILTM Latin America


leisure travel

Begins 07/05/2024 - Ends 10/05/2024

Sao Paulo


Description ILTM Americas opens the doors to the Americas community of the luxury travel industry in a time-efficient format; introducing select international suppliers to exclusive Americas buyers through bespoke appointment programmes and networking sessions. ILTM Americas is the solution to growing your business across precise, lucrative markets. Our event programme is designed with your business objectives in mind. From a bespoke diary of appointments, topical seminars, expert forums and a glamorous evening soiree we ensure every hour of your time at ILTM Americas is worthwhile. Buyers have direct access to quality suppliers and industry leaders through pre-arranged meetings. These precise, targeted appointments give you the opportunity to network, build your business relationships, introduce you to new and unique products and enrich your knowledge. Exhibitors have direct access to exclusive Americas travel buyers through pre-arranged meetings. These precise, targeted face-to-face appointments provide the perfect opportunity to develop new business, enhance relationships, enrich your knowledge and deliver return on investment.