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Bmt Tourism


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Begins 18/03/2022 - Ends 20/03/2022



Description BMT next Edition will take place in Naples at Mostra d'Oltremare, an avant-garde Fair Center which can give hospitality to an increasing number of participants. BMT is the only one Touristic Exchange able to give rise to the great capacities of the Center-South market, which is increasing more and more. The trade fair, the industry leader B to B, It addresses the whole Italian agency network, registering the presence of more than 22.000 visitors professional, and hosts 500 exhibitors distributed on an exhibition area of 20,000 sq.m. and divided into two main areas: Bmt outgoing and BMT incoming. During the show, A workshop, with the sponsorship of ENIT, attended by 100 foreign tour operators specialized product Italian and 20 specialized operators on Spa & Wellness segment. We report that to liven up the show we are launching, in collaboration with some targeted partners, a private invitation to travel agents with a steep discount on Frecciarossa, the main ferry and hotel for free.