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IACC Americas Knowledge Exchange



Begins 18/04/2024 - Ends 20/04/2024

Basking Ridge NJ


Description IACC-Americas Connect is the annual members conference of a worldclass meeting venue association which represents the world’s best meeting venues. Quite simply, IACC membership is a badge of honor, aseal of exceptional quality and connections. If you are a supplier to hotels, conference venues or conference centers,there is no other event which brings together such an elite group of leaders who operate or own venues in the US and Canada and furtherafield. This is not a trade show, it is a gathering of the brightest minds in the industry, who strive to have the latest facilities and services in the meetings industry and are curators of exceptional meetings experiences. As an industry supplier, we invite you to engage with leaders and decision-makers from across the hotel and conference venue industry and to engage in innovations led learning and education where you can highlight your company’s products and services innovations and specialism. IACCAmericas Connect will provide you with the opportunity to be associated with innovative thinkingand high-quality debate. IACC has more than 350 member hotels and conference venues in 3 chapters: Americas, Australia, Asia Pacific and Europe. This event is the chapter conference for nearly 200 operators in the US and Canada.