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Milano Licensing Day



Begins 15/09/2022 - Ends 15/09/2022



Description Lucci Tm was founded in 2001. A solid background in Marketing, Communications and Licensing, an enthusiastic team of experts, together with an impressive network of contacts in the business community, lie at the base of Lucci’s success. In 2007 Lucci joined forces with Kazachok, the only international structure specialised in licensing consultancy, that has developed the only Licensing Guide collecting the contacts and references of the most important licensors and licensees in the international scene, a Licensing Magazine, and a Licensing Forum. Thanks to this partnership, we have developed an unique expertise that enable us to be constantly updated at international level. We have been able to develop a dedicate Guide for the Italian market, annually updated and published in three languages, an Italian Kazachok Licensing Magazine and the only Italian Licensing Forum, that following si editions, evolved now in a new format: The Milano Licensing Day . Milano Licensing Day is a service and content hub designed to improve the licensing business. Since 2001 it gathers more than 12.000 professionals in Italy and worldwide with the mission to make offer and demand meet. Weekly newsletter service and the organization of networking events provide the strength to consolidate the involvement of market participants: buyers, licensees, licensors and majors. Milano Licensing Day periodically publishes the “Quaderni del Licensing”, monographs made specifically for the various sectors in which the licensing work: fashion, accessories, entertainment, toys & games, school, food, promotion and retail. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Milano Licensing Day, è un hub di servizi e contenuti specifici per il mercato italiano del licensing. Opera con una comunità di oltre 12.000 professionisti di settore, in Italia e nel mondo, favorendo l’incontro tra domanda ed offerta di licenze attraverso un database professionale disponibile online, un magazine trimestrale, l’invio di newsletter di aggiornamento e l’organizzazione di eventi di networking. I settori di interesse sono: Fashion e Accessori, Giocattolo, Cartoleria, Gift, Gadgets, Alimentare, Promozionale e Retail.