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Icca Congress



Begins 20/10/2024 - Ends 23/10/2024

Abu Dhabi


Description This is the annual meeting for ICCA members to conduct the legally required business of the association and to set its strategic future direction, and includes such matters as future budgets and fee levels, exclusions from membership, and voting for new members of ICCA's Board of Directors. The President and Chief Executive Officer report on past performance, the challenges facing the industry as a whole and new business initiatives, and ICCA member delegates are able to vote on a range of important issues. Time is allocated during the day for delegates to meet in category and chapter groupings to debate the key issues and to share relevant information with one another. Separate sessions are scheduled to enable delegates to discuss ICCA matters with colleagues from the same geographical region, and to hear about new country and regional initiatives. Agendas for Category and Chapter meetings are set by the relevant Chairpersons with support from ICCA Head Office and Regional Offices, and will be posted on the ICCA website as soon as they are finalised. Non-ICCA members who are granted Observer status are entitled to attend the General Assembly once only in order to better understand the workings of ICCA. As suppliers of professional services to the international meetings industry, Observers are strongly encouraged to apply for ICCA membership.