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Grass Roots:leading retail industry sectors in the U.S
Grass Roots has launched its US Measurement Division (Grass Roots Performance Measurement LLC), with a customer service survey, popular and well known in Europe as Are You Being Served? The ten city survey offers fresh insight into customer service levels and the experience that customers are getting from a range of stores and other service providers. It also reveals that sometimes this experience does not always, live up to expectations. The U.S. survey covered cities across the nation including: Phoenix, Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston and New York. Customer service and experience was tested in the following sectors: real estate, furniture stores, fast-food, department stores, bars, electronics retailers, mobile phone retailers, home improvement retailers, coffee shops, banks, gas stations drug stores and grocery stores. Grass Roots conducted a nationwide mystery shopping survey during July and August 2019 to understand general service levels and customer experiences (not only of service experience but of brand experience also) across ten U.S. cities and within 13 industry sectors. 800 visits in total were conducted.