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ITM - Buyer only Focus Groups
As announced at the ITM conference, focus groups are being established around air, hotel, technology, travel management company and meetings. The focus group meetings are there to enable you to join other ITM buyer members ONLY in a confidential environment to discuss, share and benchmark best practices in travel programme management, supplier sourcing and contract negotiation. Together our buyer members have the purchasing power and depth of knowledge to help each other achieve best in class travel programmes therefore the agenda for these meetings will be set by our buyer members for our buyer members. With that in mind we welcome your input so if there are specific topics you would like included on the agenda please include this when confirming your attendance. The first focus group meeting will cover air and hotel programme management. Just to reiterate, this is a buyer only meeting and conversations and discussions will be held in the strictest of confidence. First appointment August 2012. info ??? Harriet.Holmes@itm.org.uk - http://www.itm.org.uk/go/events/focus_group.html