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FICP - Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals
With a history spanning 60 years, Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals (FICP) provides access to education, experience and resources targeting the needs of financial services and insurance meeting professionals from across North America. FICP offers first-rate conferences, symposia, virtual networking and educational opportunities to assist the development of high-caliber meetings professionals. These resources also serve to help meetings professionals increase their success and strategic value. FICP boasts a community of 1,500 meetings and events professionals and hospitality partners and maintains a unique, balanced planner-to-hospitality partner ratio at all events. FICP is a community of financial services and insurance industry meetings and events professionals dedicated to developing members, and advocating the positive impact and value of their work. We elevate the profession by leveraging partnerships and our membersí collective skills and experiences to create purposeful interactions for all stakeholders whose professional success is linked to our member's work. +++++ info@ficpnet.com