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Acte Global
ACTE was founded in 1988, through the vision of corporate travel suppliers and buyers seeking to establish equitable representation within the travel management profession. With offices in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and the United States, in addition to the professional staff residing at the international headquarters just outside of Washington, DC, ACTE is able to provide support to its members in over 100 countries worldwide. ACTE has grown to host or co-host more than 70 events and reach more than 30,000 executives each year. Global in every sense of the word, ACTE’s international board (with more than 50 percent of its members from outside the United States) recommends an integrated approach to national culture, corporate culture, and common objectives in proposing uniform corporate travel standards. More than thirty years after its founding, ACTE remains the primary resource for global corporate travel, and the Acte model has become the industry standard, its vision and action driving the industry through an age of uncertainty.