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Developments in Fyvar - Spain
FYVAR begun a new phase of development with a new president, a new governing body, a new Selection catalogue and having completed the first analysis of the sector in the Iberian Peninsula. And all of this without failing to celebrate the now classic Road Shows in various cities in Spain and Portugal, the training courses and seminars as well as multiple activities during last Expo Reclam and also without failing to offer to it’s members discounts and other advantages such as Crédito y Caucion (insurances), Transportes Ochoa (distribution) or PSI Assistance (Duesseldorf). The last edition of the Expo Reclam Exhibition was a meeting point for all of our associates. Following months of great activity, three important changes were about to be announced in FYVAR. The first was made public during the General Assembly held at the Hotel Tryp in Madrid. The outgoing president, Rafael García, concluded his mandate at the head of the association after four years and welcomed his successor Manel Sanchez (Director of Delta Import Diffusion for the Iberian Peninsula).