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The Incentive Federation Inc.
The Incentive Federation Inc. was founded in 1984 as an umbrella organization for the incentive field representing national trade associations, trade publications, and the national trade shows. In this role, it is responsible for all aspects of incentive marketing, including merchandise, travel, and services, encompassing incentives, rewards, recognition, promotional products, and other related promotional tools. Building on its success, the Federation has expanded its mission into three related areas: (a) corporate outreach, as a co-founder of the Incentive Performance Center (IPC), the incentive field’s major outreach group, (b) research, and (c) education, through its administration of bi-annual studies of the incentive field and through its support of the Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement which is affiliated with the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. The goal of the IPC is to bring the successful story of incentive marketing to American business to reinforce the message that merchandise, travel, and service incentives can motivate a sales force, employees, retailers and consumers. ++++++ www.incentivefederation.org +++++